Starlink Installations Perth & Mandurah

Andrew &  Perth Services:  is your top choice for Starlink installation in Perth & Mandurah. With over 100 successful Starlink installations to date, our focus is on delivering professional and customer-centric service.

When it comes to permanently installing your Starlink dish on your roof, meticulous planning is essential to ensure optimal performance by avoiding obstructions and interferences. Andrew &  Perth Services:  takes into account several factors before installing the Starlink dish, and we outline these steps below:

Step 1: Initial Phone Conversation We always prioritize communication and will engage in a phone or in-person discussion regarding your Starlink system installation. This conversation ensures a clear understanding of the installation process and allows us to determine your specific requirements. We will also discuss additional options like a WiFi mesh system or bridging if necessary.

Step 2: Google Maps Assessment As part of the initial conversation, we utilize Google Maps to assess your property and identify any potential obstructions. This overview helps us tentatively agree on the ideal location for the Starlink dish and determine the appropriate mounting bracket.

Step 3: Starlink Installation Day! This is the exciting part when we schedule the Starlink installation date and arrive at your property as planned. The main objective at this stage is to ensure that the chosen location and mounting bracket will guarantee optimal performance. Once the suitability check is complete, we professionally install the Starlink dish on the roof and run the cable either inside the wall cavity (preferably) or through conduit/ducting if needed.

Step 4: Setup and Check the Starlink WiFi After completing the hardware installation and connecting the Starlink dish to the router with power, we proceed to set up the WiFi network from the Starlink router, providing it with a unique SSID and password. Our team will assist you in adding all your devices to the network, ensuring the most optimal connectivity. Speed tests and statistics from the Starlink app will be used to verify that everything is functioning as expected.

Step 6: Additional Networking and WiFi Expansion If you require additional networking or WiFi expansion for your Starlink network, such as a mesh system, outdoor access point, or bridge setup, rest assured that our skilled team will handle these installations with the same level of professionalism.


Our aim is to simplify the process of connecting to the Starlink network for our customers, eliminating the need for extensive technical knowledge.

As the demand for high-speed internet services continues to rise, satellite internet services like Starlink have gained significant popularity. Starlink offers reliable and high-speed internet to even the most remote areas. However, to ensure an optimal user experience, a professional Starlink installation is essential.

First and foremost, Andrew &  Perth Services: ‘s professional Starlink installation ensures correct and secure installation of the satellite dish. Installing a satellite dish requires technical expertise and experience, and our team possesses the necessary knowledge to determine the best location for optimal signal reception. We also ensure that the dish is securely mounted, minimizing the risk of damage or downtime during adverse weather conditions.

Secondly, our Starlink installation guarantees proper setup of the internet service. Once the satellite dish is installed, configuring the internet service correctly is crucial. Andrew &  Perth Services:  ensures that all equipment is properly configured, enabling seamless connectivity for the customer’s devices. We also conduct internet speed tests to ensure the best possible performance.

Thirdly, our Starlink installation provides ongoing support to our customers. If any issues arise with the internet service, we offer continuous assistance and support. Our team provides guidance on maximizing the benefits of the service and troubleshooting any potential problems.

Lastly, Andrew &  Perth Services: ‘s Starlink installation guarantees a high-quality service. We have the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience to install the satellite dish and set up the internet service correctly. This results in a satisfied customer who is more likely to recommend our service to others.

A professional Starlink installation by Andrew &  Perth Services:  is vital for customers to enjoy the best possible experience. Our professional installers possess the expertise, equipment, and ongoing support necessary for optimal performance in even the most remote areas.

Lastly, we invite anyone with questions to contact us. We are here to help and ensure that the process of Starlink installation is easy and exciting for you.


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