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WiFi Booster Installation Perth

WiFi Booster Installation
Weak or no Wifi signal?

Weak WiFi Connection or WiFi black-spots in Perth? You might need a WiFi Booster Installation.

One of the biggest issues with wireless networks is dead spots. Those places in your house where your wireless router’s signal never quite reaches.

Often it’s in an upstairs bedroom where you want to stream a movie or play online games. Or perhaps the signal flat-lines in the back garden where you would love to use your iPad while sunbathing. Maybe you have a spot in your office that’s so far from the router that; while the signal there doesn’t completely die; it’s so weak that internet browsing slows to a miserable crawl.

Most routers beam signal in all directions;  so walls, furniture and floors all act to weaken your WiFi reception. Even cordless phones, LED lights and microwaves can cause interference. Moving your router to the middle of the house and even changing the channel that your router broadcasts on are two of the most effective ways of improving the WiFi signal – but it’s not always that simple or practical.

If this sounds like your experience and you have tried everything else, we can help. We can install a seemingly magical device called a WiFi extender in your home and/or business that will considerably increase your WiFi range today.

This device is only 170 mm in diameter which we can quickly and discretely install on the ceiling or wall similar to a smoke detector with an internet cable running back to your modem. It becomes a new secure WiFi transmitter which you can log into to gain access to your internet connection. – Full Specs WIFI Extender

WiFi Booster Installation
WiFi Booster Installs fr$399

So if you’re sick of the kids moaning that their game, movie or YouTube video keeps buffering… then give us a call on 08 9273 4019 and ask for a WiFi Booster Installation quote

Increase Your WiFi Range Today! Supplied and fitted from only $399*

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*based on a single story property with a 15-meter cable run to your existing modem


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